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Jakarta by Staedtler

A special day today. After a short ceremony (using virtual conference service) for the Independence Day, I will have to attend a launching ceremony for a program & platform I have initiated and designed. While waiting for the the launching, I spent a couple minute to use my Staedtler Corium to write the text of Proclamation of Indonesian Independence — using the modern orthography.

I bring my Staedtler Corium today since it is a part of the Staedtler Initium Corium Urbes series, dedicated to the diversity of cities around the world. And what could be better on this special day than a pen with the name of the city where the Independence was proclaimed 75 years ago? Yesss … Jakarta!

Besides Jakarta, Staedtler has also launched the pens dedicated for New York, Paris, London, Moscow, and the city of the company’s founder: Nuremberg. Hmm, Nuremberg, suddenly I remember the Meistersinger. Visit here: Corium Urbes. The barrel of the pen in this series is wrapped in cowhide leather. Its finishing by tanning and dyeing is done manually. The use of the leather with natural grain and the high proportion of manual labour make each pen one of a kind.

Just like Pelikan, Pilot, Faber Castell, etc, Staedtler was also a famous stationery supplier I recognised in my school days. The blue pencils (Mars Lumograph), blue & white erasers, rulers, precision pens (Mars Matic). The company was founded by Johann Sebastian Staedtler in 1835 as a pencil factory, first established in Nuremberg; but the roots of the company go back to 1662, when Friedrich Staedtler was mentioned as a pencil-making craftsman in the city annals.

It is not surprising that Staedtler also make fountain pens. But this FP brand is easily found here; and the local FP enthusiasts here virtually never discuss it either.

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