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Neko by Sailor

The story of Sailor the pen manufacturer with the magic number of 1911 started in 1911 when Kyugoro Sakata — an engineer from the historic naval port of Hiroshima — was introduced to a fountain pen brought from England by a sailor. In the same year Sakata started Sakata-Manufactory to produce gold nibs. Six years later, the factory relocated to Hamadacho and the company changed the name to Sailor Pen, producing fountain pens.

But the first Sailor pen I have here has no Sailor logo (the hook), no magic 1911 number. Instead, the pen has a cat craved on the nib. It is actually a Sailor Profit Junior, fitted with a stainless steel medium-fine nib. The body is made of PMMA resin and furnished with nickel-chrome plating, making it very light.

The pen should have an M nib. But I see it like an F or even EF size nib — good for writing small letters, but not for signature. I will imagine myself being a student, writing a Japanese poem about Neko the cat, while celebrating the International Cat Day today …

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