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Pelikan M700 Tolédo

In 1931, Pelikan adopted a technique of Damascus steel engraving into a design of its fountain pen. This method, brought to Spain by the Arabs and perfected in Tolédo, involves engraving patterns into steel or iron surfaces, overlaying them with a thin sheet of gold, and heating the object to oxidise the steel while leaving the gold to shine brilliantly​​. Today, Pelikan still uses this technique for two Souverän series: M700 and M900. The elegant M700 has arrived last week.

The M700 Tolédo features a decorative sleeve made from a single piece of 925 Sterling Silver, which is intricately hand-engraved and covered with a layer of gold. This results in a beautifully contrasting design that combines the dark oxidised silver with the luminous gold patterns. The cap, front piece, and end piece of the pen are crafted from high-quality black resin, adding to its overall elegance and durability​​.

Pelikan M700 Tolédo is similar in size to the Pelikan Souverän M400, with a length of approximately 12.5 cm when capped and 14.7 cm when posted. It has a comfortable weight of about 23 grams, making it well-balanced and easy to handle for prolonged writing sessions​​.

One of the most distinguished features of the M700 is its nib. The pen is equipped with an Au750 (18K gold) nib adorned with rhodium accents, available in various sizes. Mine has medium size. This bi-color nib not only enhances the pen’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures a smooth and pleasurable writing experience. The pen utilizes a high-capacity piston filling system, which is both efficient and easy to use​.

Each M700 fountain pen is a unique piece, individually designed, hand-signed, and numbered. The intricate hand-engraving process means that no two pens are exactly alike. Due to the extensive manual labor involved, only a limited number of these pens —up to 200— can be produced each month. This exclusivity adds to the pen’s allure as a collector’s item and a piece of art​.

The pen is presented in a luxurious silk-lined wooden gift box, adding to its prestige and making it an excellent choice for a cherished gift. This thoughtful presentation underscores Pelikan’s attention to detail and dedication to providing a premium product experience​.

M700 is not just a writing instrument — it is a piece of history. The pen’s design has remained virtually unchanged since its introduction, preserving the heritage and craftsmanship of the Tolédo technique. This makes owning a Tolédo M700 akin to owning a small piece of art history​.

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