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Meisterstück 149 Curved Nib

Happy handwriting day. Today I’d like to share another special pen: another Meisterstück Calligraphy 149 pen from Montblanc, but now with a specially-designed curved nib. Its hand-crafted nib is not a flex nib, but an innovative curved nib allowing the user to draw a variety of writing styles and line widths, depending on the angle and the orientation at which the pen is held.

Using this pen, we can draw wide horizontal lines, thin vertical lines, and even fine lines. For the last style, we need to turn the nib upside down.

The nib is unlike any bent or fude nib, but I was tempted to use it to write some kanji and katakana character, and I found the result is better than many other pen I previously have. I would not display the result here, since I’m not a real master in writing kanji character.

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