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Pelikan Souverän M1000

For the International Handwriting Day today I will display Pelikan M1000 as one of the best pens I have (considering, though, that almost all my pens are the best pens). This pen is the top member of the Pelikan Souverän family. This family consists of the M3xx, M4xx, M6xx, M8xx, and M10xx — with the higher numbers before xx are related to the increase in size. So this Souverän M1000 is also the flagship pen of Pelikan.

This pen has a gigantic nib made of Au750 — and it is virtually a perfect 18C gold that it writes so smoothly with the effect of a flexible nib. We can compare it with the magnificent Montblanc Meisterstück 149 with flex nib. Both have an Au750 nib. But not all 149 nibs are designed as flex nib — only those that are advertised so. So both writes excellently well for flexible nib effect. But then when we use them for simple signature, M1000 can simply transform to a cool signature pen, whle 149 flex would lose its magic without its flex effect. It means, to replace an M1000, I’d need a 149 with flex nib and another 149 without flex nib. But surely others may have different experiences.

M1000 has some alternative designs. But for the sake of why not and mwahahahahaha I have chosen a perfect black M1000 with golden cap and ring. Now I have more collection for my gold banded black pen. The barrel and the cap of the pen are made of cotton resin. The cap features a 24k gold-plated finial with a laser-etched relief logo of a pelican and its chick. This pen has an 18k gold bib.

Pelikan’s nib is so breathtaking. It has a unique design: a long and slender nib, with narrower shoulders and a shallower curvature. The face of the bi-color nib is stamped with a series of intersecting, graceful, swooping curves. The Pelikan logo is stamped in the middle of the nib face.

Some dimensions:

  • Length (capped): 145.6mm
  • Length (uncapped): 135.1mm
  • Length (posted): 173.6mm
  • Section diameter: 12.1mm
  • Barrel max diameter: 13.8mm
  • Cap max diameter: 16mm
  • Weight, uncapped (with ink and/or converter): 25g
  • Weight, capped (with ink and/or converter): 35g

Writing using M1000 giving a wet effect of the ink — a favourite for a calligrapher. But, no, it is very wet — but somehow I like it. The big nib is springy, allowing to make line variation as we wish. Again, it is a favourite for a calligrapher.

Pelikan is a 190 year old manufacturer of stationeries. It launched its first fountain pen in 1929. Pelikan is also credited as the pioneer of piston filling mechanism with a differential spindle gear aims to overcome the ink capacity issue in fountain pens. Hungarian engineer Theodor Kovacs is credited with the invention of the original filling mechanism before selling off the patent to Günther Wagner in 1927.

Yes, another Wagner. I know.

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