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Waterman Carène

Lewis Edson Waterman established Waterman Pen Company in New York, 1884. He was one of the most important figure in the development of fountain pen technology — related to the invention of the reliable three fissure feed that controls the ink flow, retracable pen, lever fill system, and plastic ink cartridge. In business, Waterman used to be one of the most successful, and it expanded its business, incl a subsidiary in France: Waterman JIF (Jules-Isidore Fagard). But the competition was too strong, and Waterman lost the market in the US. The French subsidiary took over the business as Waterman SA in 1952. Since then, Waterman is a French company with a non-French name (it is not easy to find a French name with W, right?).

In technology, Waterman keeps carrying out the innovation. Waterman Edson (of which name taken after the founder of Waterman) is recognised last decade as one of the most sophisticated fountain pen. But surely, most people have forgotten fountain pens. Edson has been stopped from the production. One of the remaining type closed to Edson is Waterman Carène.

In French, Carène means hull. Waterman Carene shows an elegantly streamlined design suggesting the sleek lines of a racing yacht. Like most modern Waterman pens, the Carène features a lacquered metal body and cap. The smooth-writing 18k inlaid nib adds to the appeal of these writing instruments. The barrel tapers into a softly beveled end cap, much like the shape of a wave. The spring-loaded clip curves softly, adding to the illusion of water movement. Deep black on the cap and barrel is a sea of color saturation, quietly interrupted by elegant gold details.

In technology, Waterman still have its traditions of innovation. Carène is one example of the innovation, as a well-design pen that is fashionable and ergonomically comfortable..

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