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Justus 95

Avid users of flexible nibs will find this pen tempting: Justus 95. Pilot had designed this pen with a flex nib, with an extra metal plat to set the firmness of the nib. How do they do it? With a simple mechanical engineering: the extra metal plat will press the nib with variable length, and thus adjusting the stiffness of the nib: hard, soft, or somewhere between. All without ruining the elegant design.

Justus 95 therefore combines classic styling and innovative nib technology for an interesting personalised writing experience. The pen is made of resin barrel, equipped with that 14-karat gold dual performance nib. The softness of the nib is adjustable simply by turning the tension adjuster at the top of the gripping section. Two letters indicate the softness (S) and hardness (H) of the nib. The soft setting will allow for greater line-width variation, versus the hard which will write like a traditional stiff nib.

This pen is available in a black ribbed resin pattern with gold accents. The pen comes with an included Pilot CON-70 converter which holds an ample ink supply while uniquely combining the characteristics of a vacuum-filling and push-button converter.

Pilot is made by Pilot Corporation, the largest pen manufacturer in Japan, based in Tokyo. In 1915, Ryōsuke Namiki (並木良輔), a professor from Tokyo Nautical College in Japan, started a small factory near Tokyo to produce gold pen nibs. In 1916, Namiki expanded his product line and became a full-fledged manufacturer of writing instruments. The Pilot Pen Corporation was founded by Ryosuke Namiki with Masao Wada (和田正雄) in 1918. Both founders were graduated from Tokyo University of Marine Science & Technology, and previously they worked together in a vessel. The name Pilot refers to Maritime Pilot — a profession with a role to safely navigate marine vessels into or out of harbors, sounds, straits, bays, rivers, or lakes. Maritime pilots have excellent expertise in the knowledge of weather, tides, water depths, local winds, currents, and traffic to navigate a vessel safely. Japan is famous as a maritime country. They have a Maritime Day (海の日) celebrated on the third Monday of July for the blessings of the oceans and for hoping for the prosperity of the maritime nation.

Justus 95 was launched in 2013 to celebrate Pilot’s 95th anniversary. It was an update version of the original Japanese ‘Justus’ fountain pen previously launched in 1979. The name ‘Justus’ was coined from words “just right for us” or “to adjust” indicating the ability of the pen point to be fine-tuned.

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