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Parker 51 UK

By tradition, Her Majesty The Queen has two birthdays annually: one real birthday (21st of April), and one in Summer (the second Saturday on June) when her people be able to celebrate it in a better weather … and weekend.

I heard that the Queen is always so humble. She writes with fountain pens, and she chooses simple pens — no fancy. She always orders pens which are fully functional, no decoration (or less decoration in specially created pens). And surely she prefers pens manufactured in the UK. One of her favourite is a Parker 51 Aerometric, made in UK, pictured above.

The Parker 51 is a fountain pen first introduced in 1941. Parker marketed it as The World’s Most Wanted Pen. The pen and the ink were both named 51 to mark 1939, the company’s 51st anniversary, during which development for the pen was completed. In late 1947 Parker in Newhaven, UK, started to produce Parker 51. The Parker 51 stayed in production until 1972 with a series of revisions throughout its production cycle.

Luckily I got a Parker 51 with similar model and colour as the one belonged to the Queen. It was an old pen, and I used it only occasionally, just to feel the experience of writing with the most famous pen on earth.

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