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A White Pelikan

The roots of the Pelikan can be traced back to 1838, when chemist Carl Hornemann founded a colour and ink factory in Hanover, Germany. In 1871, Günther Wagner took over the company. Wagner also designed the company first logo (taking the figure of a pelican from his own familiar coat of arms) in 1878, becoming also one of the first German trademarks ever. In 1929, Pelikan produced its first fountain pen.

I started to know Pelikan as a manufacturer of common stationery products, especially the eraser for both pen and pencil. I guess I bought a simple Pelikan pen — a small, white M205 — just for the memory of the eraser.

But Pelikan has a great story for the science world. A green Pelikan 100N is one of the favourite pen belongs to Albert Einstein. And for those who love stories of the scientists, Pelikan is recognised as Einstein’s pen. But actually, he wrote the theory of relativity using his other fountain pen, a Waterman, which was then given to Ehrenfest.

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