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Pelikan Souverän M400

The Pelikan Souverän M400 fountain pen is distinguished by its iconic green-striped body, a hallmark of Pelikan’s design since its introduction in 1950. The barrel is made of high-quality cellulose acetate, while the cap, piston knob, and grip section are constructed from durable resin. The pen features gold-plated brass trim, and its cap is accented with two gold rings and a clip shaped like a pelican’s beak, adding to its elegant appearance​.

This model is one of the more compact pens in Pelikan’s lineup, measuring approximately 12.5 cm when capped and 14.6 cm when posted. It weighs around 16 grams, making it lightweight and comfortable for extended writing sessions. Despite its smaller size, the pen maintains excellent balance and fits comfortably in the hand, even for those with larger hands​​.

The M400 features an Au-585 (14-karat gold) nib with rhodium decorations. I choose a fine size nib. This bi-color nib is known for its smooth writing experience and beautiful decorative scrollwork. The nib provides good feedback and allows for some line variation with pressure, although it is not a flexible nib. The pen uses a reliable piston filling mechanism, which ensures a large ink capacity and smooth operation​.

One of the unique aspects of the M400 is its interchangeable nib system. The nib can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement, and it is compatible with various vintage Pelikan nibs, allowing users to customize their writing experience. The pen’s piston mechanism is highly efficient, ensuring that the pen fills completely in one stroke and holds a significant amount of ink.

The pen’s design has remained largely unchanged since its inception, preserving the classic look that has made it a favorite among collectors​. It originally launched in 1950 and quickly becoming a symbol of Pelikan’s craftsmanship. The pen gained the nickname “Stresemann” in the 1980s due to its striped pattern, reminiscent of the suits worn by German statesman Gustav Stresemann. This model is not only a functional writing instrument but also a piece of art and history​.

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