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After the last visit in 2012, today I visit London! What an enchanting feeling, after a like-never-ending pandemic. And surely, one of the first place I must visit in London is Waterstone’s bookstore around Piccadilly. I used to regularly visit this book shop even since I was pursuing my MSc degree at Coventry, just a couple decades ago.

Waterstone’s still offers excellent and inspiring books as usual. But I also tried to find some special fountain pens. But I guess this is not the right place for fountain pen aficionados. There are indeed some fountain pens displayed, just like any other bookshops — nothing special. However, I saw a blue Kaweco, co-branded with Moleskine. Something new for me.

The pen costs £29. Its barrel is made of blue plastic, and the nib is a standard good quality Kaweco. No more mentioning of Moleskine other than the cap. Surely I expected to see Moleskine’s logo on the nib or any other place. But no. Just the cap. Other parts of the pen is a real Kaweco.

Surely Kaweco is a good quality pen — one of my favourite for daily write. But I used to like and collect Moleskine mini note books. Moleskine is a renowned Italian brand that specialises in producing high-quality notebooks, planners, and various stationery products. The brand has become synonymous with creativity, inspiration, and the art of writing. Moleskine’s notebooks are known for their distinctive design, featuring a durable hardcover, rounded corners, an elastic closure, and an expandable inner pocket. On the other hand, Moleskine books are indeed a disaster for writing with fountain pens. A total disaster. I expect that the collaboration between Kaweco and Moleskine would somehow motivate Moleskine to manufacture better note books to be written with fountain pens. I think it is still far from reality.

Anyway, I really like my new co-branded Moleskine-Kaweco pen. And now, let’s explore the Great Britain, with my new pen!

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