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Mercedes — Lamy 2000

I am not a real fan of Lamy. I guess I’ve got a bad first experience with the brand a couple years ago. If you see a previous post on Lamy Safari with Pikachu design, you should somehow notice that the pen was never used for writing — not my typical behaviour.

But then I want to give another try with Lamy 2000. As written at Wikipedia, Lamy 2000 is the flagship pen of Lamy. Designed by Gerd Alfred Müller and released in 1966, it remains in production today. The 2000 was innovative in its day for its use of a special polycarbonate resin produced by Bayer, Makrolon, for the body of the pen. It is the only Lamy fountain pen that has a semi hooded nib and is a piston fill pen offering 1.35 ml ink capacity. After decades, it is only experiencing continuously minor redesign.

The one model I got was Lamy 2000 co-branded with Mercedes Benz. I always think that personal cars are disaster for the environment, so apparently I don’t really care about the Mercedes brand. But the monotone metallic design of the pen is so boringly awesome (just like myself, huh?). Choosing the M-nib, I felt a not-too-bad experience with the pen. I could make elegant signature with it. But for daily use, I should have chosen F or EF size of the nib. Anyway, at last I’ve got a Lamy with enchanting experience to write with.

Addedum 2024: I just washed this pen, and started using it. Amazingly, it now feels enchanting to write smoothly using this pen, even for daily use. The metallic body help me to write long text without having to worry to make scratches to the body. It is a kind of pen that you will like it more after experiencing it longer.

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