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Le Petit Prince: Ink

Montblanc has thrice launched the special edition of Le Petit Prince pen series: in 2018, 2019, and 2020. On each launching, they also launced specially rebranded inks for Le Petit Prince enthusiasts.
2018: Red Fox (brown orange)
2019: Sand of the Desert (brown)
2020: The rose of the planet (burgundy)

I should someday find out the reason Montblanc keep launching series of writing instruments with Le Petit Prince themes annually since 2018 (or since 2017, if we take into account Montblanc’s special edition attributed the the author, Antoine de Saint Exupery).

St-Ex was surely a patriotic French. But due to the World War II (the very reason of the writing of this novel), Le Petit Prince was published (in English and French) in the US and Canada on 06 April 6 1943. It was not published in Saint-ExupĂ©ry’s native France until after the war.

More about this novel, please visit my other two webs: LEPETITPRINCE.EU and PANGERANKECIL.COM. I should someday find out the reason for me to have two webs and more than 300 editions of Le Petit Prince books in almost 300 languages.

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