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The Bic Fountain Pen

Yes, Bic, the well-known manufacturer of ballpoint pens, also produces fountain pens. While Bic is primarily associated with disposable ballpoint pens, they offer a range of fountain pens as well. However, it’s important to note that Bic’s fountain pens are typically more affordable and cater to those looking for entry-level or budget-friendly options.

Bic, short for “Société Bic,” was founded by Marcel Bich and his business partner Édouard Buffard in Clichy, France in 1945. The company initially focused on producing fountain pens and mechanical pencils, before being famous as a manufacture of disposable pens, lighters, and other stationery products.

Bic’s fountain pens generally feature a simple and streamlined design. They often have a plastic or resin body with a lightweight construction. The pens are designed to be comfortable to hold and easy to use. The pens usually come with a stainless steel nib. These nibs are typically fine or medium in size and are non-flexible, meaning they don’t offer much line variation or flexibility during writing.

Bic’s fountain pens generally use a cartridge-based ink system. They come with proprietary ink cartridges that are easy to replace when the ink runs out. Some models may also support the use of ink converters, allowing you to fill the pen with bottled fountain pen ink.

Bic’s fountain pens are known for their affordability. They are often priced at a lower range compared to higher-end or luxury fountain pens, making them accessible to a wide range of users. The pens are widely available in many office supply stores, stationery shops, and online marketplaces. They are designed to be easily accessible for everyday writing needs.

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